Press and Praise for Linda Morrison

Morning Gawjess girl
Thought I would message you and Thank you for being such an important part of my journey.
With 2016 coming to a close now, I thought I would update my achievements and goals. In March this year, My main goal was to lose 15 kilos and to FEEL better.. As you know My body was spiraling out of control into a pre- diabetes stage from a fatty liver. I was drastically overweight, peri menopausal, sweating constantly, puffing up like a bullfrog, panic attacks, headaches, fatigue, feeling yuck etc etc.. Not to mention Enduring a lifelong depression and a recent diagnosis of PTSD. I was truly in a holy mess.. The before pics are a gruesome sight I knew what I had to do and fate served me a great hand when I came across your name on Facebook. I knew I had to do it.
My Word of the year is “NOW” so I threw myself into your program with a newfound determination…. Between the very manageable meal plans and exercise regimes and your ongoing support, It was relatively easy to achieve results. Now I didn’t have an expectation of losing 15 kilos in 6 weeks!! Like really?
But I have to say I was gobsmacked at how much better I was feeling and looking. With every week I became more positive bearing in mind that it is not necessarily what the scales say but what your body says. My skin looks better, I have more energy and a more positive mind. Now, in December,With your ongoing coaching and support Linda, I have a solid set routine of health, self care and rest. When I first started the 6 week transformation challenge, it was a challenge to kick sugar right out the park! It was a challenge to rest and exercise routinely, and I’m so proud of myself, (and of course grateful to you Linda),that I stuck it out. I’m proud to say,It is no longer challenging, it’s transforming. So much so, I achieved Round 2 as well as now ( december) into a strength training program. I’ve never felt more alive, physically and mentally... Now you are probably wondering whether I have achieved my goals?
Now I have only lost a total of 10.3 kilos but as you can see from the photos, the results are astounding?..
To date I have lost a total of
11cm off my bust
12cm off my hips and a whopping
22 Cms off my waist!!!
I will always be grateful to you Linda, I have learnt so much about health and wellbeing and that it is not all about loss of kilos. It’s about how your body feels and the horrendous effects of sugar overload... I’ve even slowed my wine intake to one glass over the weekend. Its shock horror to all I know well, for that is an achievement in itself. Lol.
I am back in my size 9 501s, a feat not achieved in 8 years!!!
I’m going to the Bali Detox Retreat in April and solidly determined to be even more chiseled by then... Just in time to enjoy being “Trim, Taut and Terrific “when our gawjess tribe meets again in Sept at Byron Bay... yes some may say I am greedy to go to both retreats but hey!! I deserve it!!! I’m worth it!! I’m pumped!! Can you see the positive effect you have had on my life Linda?
Congratulations my love, I haven’t felt this alive and well in years and I’ll forever be grateful.
Live, Love, Laugh
Thanks again Linda Morrison
— Kaz , Artist, 51
I am a GP who has practiced nutritional and anti-ageing medicine for 13 years.
What we eat, what we feel and think and how we move contribute enormously to our healthy longevity or our chronic illness.
And the good news, is that is totally in your control. And even better, you have the skills of an experienced coach in Linda Morrison to teach and guide you in your journey to exceptional health. I lost 7 kilos in the first round of Linda’s challenge and feel in command of my healthy Ageless Body. i love Linda’s VIP coaching.
— Nijole, Doctor, 48
Before the 6 Week Transformation Challenge, I had no energy, was tired all the time, no confidence, over weight and my relationship was less than vital. FAST forward 6 weeks and I lost 7 kilos and gained enough confidence to get a job. And now I have the formula to thrive and my relationship has become fun again. I have energy.
— Suzanne, Receptionist, 42
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