Your Body

It is your first and most important business.
Yesterday, I said I would speak more about WHY you need to invest money into your body,(and NOT your handbag).

I was recently doing my filing and it occurred to me I have a relatively extensive section of receipts (not wild, crazy but it was a big enough pile!) under the section.

Do you have a section on body?
I suppose I always have. As I don’t have a section for medical.
I rarely go to the doctor and I don’t need to medicate.
SO MY files says BODY.

What receipts/expenses are in my body section?
Fancy clothes or lingerie
I know right? My filing does not make sense to many.
Often myself.
this one on BODY.
Is well, everything.
Nothing happens if my body does not function well.
BUT further to this.
“Anything that makes me feel loving, beautiful and confident. Positive in and around my body is important, if not fundamental to me”
My work is no doubt my body but an argument can be put forward as to who’s ‘work’ is not?
People respond to you, the whole you.
Your energy, your out put, your vitality, your capability,
You cannot put a price on health. You cannot put a price on how good your body looks, performs and functions. AND takes you into that next decade.
Tell me how you honor your body and therefore yourself.


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