There's no such thing as stuck.

There’s no such thing as a block

You’re not blocked, or stuck.

Are you under a door?

Are you caught in a locked wardrobe?

Is someone holding back physically?

Or does it just feel this way.

I’ve felt stuck before.

Paralysed to move forward it seemed.

With a whole list of reasons why I could not do something.

It’s a common feeling.

Ladies say it to me daily. 

I’m blocked, I feel stuck.

The truth is. 

We focus on the feeling of “STUCK” , we wont make the commitment do the work to REMOVE the feeling.

You can choose to do some work to move toward what you really say you want.

Weight loss


Great Fitness


or you can choose to think theres a block.

The power of choice really lies with you.

We get people “unstuck” and moving toward what they say the really want.

It’s actually the most wonderful thing.

Love Linda

P.S Don’t stay paralysed another moment longer theres so much the universe has in its plan for you.