I feel bit vulnerable sharing this

I feel a bit vulnerable posting this 

✅ Who the hell is Linda Morrison? 😉

I’m just an ordinary average gal. 

I was brought up working class.

Family of 4 plus one non social cat!

I helped my mum, a lot. She was sick a lot and could not walk, often. 

I was brought up to be a good girl and help people. And not much more was said. 

Dad told us we were strong and capable girls. 

I Recycled aluminum cans

I worked as a swim teacher from 13 onwards.

Taught myself to listen closely to what people said. I noticed it was often different to what they did. Or how they actually acted. 

Got bullied as a kid on occasion. I hate bullies. 

I am shy. 

I Worked out and learnt to be good at things, and sport. 

Played sports and did good at Dance. 

Got good grades in high school and basic in university as I worked 7 days a week In fitness With corporates and personal training to put myself through university. 

I’ve learnt more online watching YouTube than I did in university. 

Fell in love a couple of times. 

Got my heart broke.

Broke a few hearts. #sorry #allpartofgrowingup

I have taken 15,000 exercise classes and trained many many more 

Lost myself. 

Had two kids quick, lost myself again.

Had complete adrenal burnout from working way too hard with my body and modern life. 

Got depressed. 


Found out that upskilling is the only way to success and I have many gifts. 

Helping people a big one. 

Another is, I don’t let something like my indifference about technology stop me from helping people, hundreds daily. 

I could not use a computer 3 years ago. 

Dad was a fitter and turner - My Mum was a stay at Home Mum. 

I got divorced 2 years ago seperated 5 years ago as I felt like I couldn’t breathe. 

I started again. 


Started working on myself. 

I spent countless hours alone.

Working on self. 

Countless hours working on my business. And my life’s work. 

‘Helping people thrive.’

It’s the single most important thing. 
Strong. healthy. People.

I don’t give a hoot about money or possessions. I care I’m in shape and have energy and money to help more more more people get well and stay ultimately well. 

And happy. 

Started my own business post separation and have worked everyday since, hard. 

Found myself realising most coaches I’ve come across do not walk their talk

The most proud I’ve been is when my children and clients succeed, not myself. 

I have to perform,

That’s what good leaders do. Period.

Started a FB group Ageless Body Hub 

I know many think I can’t see you, but I feel you and I know I’m helping. 

Thanks for being here. 

Thank you all for the privilege to help you achieve your goals. ❤️