Why ‘weigh ins’ are a one dimensional and limited method to checking your weightloss and health progress.

I watch dieters and those trying to shift the needle on the scales weigh themselves way to often and have their entire mood effected by the number that shows up everyday.

How much does 500 mls of water weigh?

.5 kg or 500 grams.

Can you drink that much water? I can. And I do in one go.

Will it show up on the scales? Yes

Try it.  Therefore it can look as if you have gained half a kilo on the scales alone.

Also try this.

Weigh yourself, go to the toilet then weight yourself again.

Weigh yourself, do a workout and then weigh yourself again.

Note difference. IT’S fluid, yes?

Take a bath.

This also affects weight. Inflammation.

Heat, hydration and again fluid.

Inflammation from a hard workout.

Inflammation from too much salt and sugar in your diet.

A kilo of muscle, does not weigh more than a kilo of fat.

They both weigh a kilo.

Muscle is dense. It is water, blood and fibrous tissue dense.

It is dense, but does not take up much space.

It is also metabolically active tissue.

Fat takes up space.

What else effects weight on the scales?

After working with women for 25 years I can tell you that their monthly cycles can account for massive fluctuations.

5 kilos in some women. Each month.

I also know people who let their morning weigh in effect how they go forth with a happy or negative disposition in the day.

I am here to empower and have women uplift. If you are 2 kilos heavier than yesterday is that going to affect your self esteem? How you project to the world. What experiences you are confident enough to go for and what you say no too?

The muscle on your frame needs to be supported. By good quality nutrition and movement.

If you look after you muscle you will move like and look like a younger vital person. And like is easier when your fit and able. Not uncomfortable and in pain.

The other very important reason to look after you muscle is to support your immunity.

Muscle keep you well. DON’T try and get rid of this weight by dieting, support, encourage and love your muscle.

TOO support your muscle you need to eat protein. First class protein that fills your tummy and looks after the repair of cells and makes you stronger. leaner and your posture work better.

As a female trainer, we have learnt that we are going to weigh somewhat heavy on the scales.

WE look lighter than we weigh.

Why ?

The muscle density.

The bone density.

The extra vascular networks.

All the water and blood in those muscles.

The integration of muscle.

All the stuff that you need to make you better stronger, faster, fitter and healthier.

Here is what I recommend to my Live Love Exercise 6 Week Transformation Challenge clients. Weigh yourself once a week at the same time in the same outfit.

measure yourself. The girth measurements in centimeters – chest, waist and hips.

Take a photograph or as a client once said to me “do the jock test”.

In the morning check the mirror and see if you look different and better than the week before.

HE said the jock test never lies. Try also tying a string around you midlife and watch it become looser.

Be so well.

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