Paleo on a budget with Linda

How to save money when eating the paleo way.

Once a week (at least) I have clients say that eating like I do is ‘too expensive.’

I explain in this article how to avoid excess money going on your, GREAT food.

Eggs and Veggies cost very little. Buy them as close to best quality organic as possible.

Eat veggies (and fruit) in season and from farmers markets, markets that have great reputation and prices.

Buy meats in bulk and not always THE best cuts but grass fed where possible.
Slow cook these to perfection. OR freeze immediately in single portions.

Find fresh items on the “sell buy date”.
Much cheaper and still great.

Eating out is so expensive here is a guide with spending only $20 a day eating out. (WHICH we all know is cheap!)

• $20/meal
• 30 meals/month
• $600/month – If there are two of you, all of a sudden that’s $1,200/month.
• If you cook all foods from scratch it is hard to spend more than $300 a month.
• One to two cook ups per week has me enough to get through the week. Dinners become tomorrows lunch or dinner. Freeze or refrigerate portions for the next meal or left over snacks if needed.

Avoid Meat cuts that may be expensive.
Instead of steak use mince.
Pork and chicken are often cheaper than red meat but still great first class protein source.
Apples are cheaper than berries.
Your own fresh veggies chopped are cheaper than pre cut veggies and salads.

Discounts, coupons and specials are always about in store and at butchers. JUST ASK.

Cutting out chocolates, sweets, takeaways, ice creams etc saves a lot of money.

Eat less and slowly.

Drink water, not expensive drinks, or vitamin drinks.

HOW much is all this worth?
How much is MORE energy worth to you every day?
How much are you willing to pay to lose 10 kg?
How much is finally feeling fantastic again worth?
How much is a disease-free life worth to you?
How much would you pay to be rid of all your allergies?
How much would you pay for brighter healthy skin and hair?

Linda Morrison
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