Own Your Willpower

Own your willpower

Positive attitude is a muscle that needs working every. Single. Day.

Here’s 4 ways to bolster your willpower, and bolster YOU in the right direction for a powerful, enjoyable life.

1. Have supporters to ‘your’ good cause. To you.

2. Get a schedule that you love for your day. And stick to it. Successful people have a morning routine that rocks – ‘a not negotiable morning routine’ that keeps you to your high standards.

3. Stop multitasking – you can actually only do one thing well at a time. Fact.

4. Positive self talk is a practice. It is a daily commitment to your better self.
It takes work to BE up beat and positive – daily practice, then keep going.

You have to set the above 4 things up clearly for yourself as you will precisely move in the direction you are facing. Every time.

Inner work – then outer behavior.

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