PEOPLE are starting to get that madness on.

Can you feel it?

I can.

EVERY year, it happens, as a coach, I watch people struggle with their health, fitness and ideal body weight. And their relationship to it.

I also watch them stress and say I’M SO BUSY, alot.

They are thinking about and ‘Doing, Christmas’.

End of year parties, assessing what they have achieved over the last 12 months (OR not), seeing family and friends that they perhaps do not enjoy, and spending manic time shopping for said family and friends. Buying gifts they cannot afford, for people they see once a year and having a bombardment of media pressure and advertising to tie off the year in a bow as neat as Country Roads wrapping.

Sometimes it’s just all too much.

Most people arrive at Christmas tired, strung out and on average, 4 kilos heavier (I KID YOU NOT) than the year before.

I personally want to avoid this every year. Pretty quickly I would be a christmas blimp.

I am here to help.

My Live Love Exercise, 6 week, 6 month and 12 month Transformation Challenges and programs are designed for busy people and can be done across the holiday season.

In fact, theres always a sabotage situation around the corner. Always.

A birthday, a long weekend, easter eggs and many of my female clients say repeatedly their husband, every single night cracking open a desert or chocolate that she does not want to eat. (Remember ladies men can usually burn more calories than us smaller bods!)

I can actually hear your excuses from here as you read this.

“Oh, at the caravan park we start drinking at 12 noon when the BBQ goes on. OR

I could not possibly get through summer without my (cheap) champagne!”

OR plum pudding or insert any amount of indulgences here that are not just on offer on Christmas day, but day after day over, November, December and January.

In Australia, by the time Australia day comes (26th January for my overseas clients) we have another long weekend and excuses for more boozing. And long BBQ’s and to fear sounding unAustralian and antisocial (which I am not, nor am I a scrooge as I LOVE friends and extended family) but more pavlova! REALLY. Does anyone actually even like this desert?

WITH the rubbish food that is on offer everywhere there is actually always food and alcohol options to present challenges to you. Challenges that NOT only, jeopardise you being healthy, fit and under control. BUT kiss goodbye feeling confident in your summer look. Insert YOUR ideal bikini? Classy one piece or even breezy summer cocktail dress that turns heads.

YOU buy a stamp now and get offered numerous bags of lollies at the post office … this topic gets me hot under the collar let me tell you.

NO Airport I’ve swanned through helps you out with a (really) healthy option to fill your hungry traveller BOD.

The average little cafe offers diabetes on a plate and a coffee or so called healthy shakes the size of your head and more than half your daily calorie requirement.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not one to ‘never’ drink. WHAT I do though is have actual standards around what I chose to indulge in. What goes into my body.

What follows now is WHAT I do.

Therefore as ALL my clients who are working on my transformations know I am authentic in that, what I ask you to do, is what I do.

And what WORKS.

I am a busy working mother of 2, I work a lot of hours, I want to be PRESENT for my children, give them good food good values and good skills that set them straight for a life of someone elses adgenda being louder than they hear theres to be. (IE marketing, advertising other people)

I eat chocolate.

I drink only the best champagne and alcohol when offered, ONLY when I feel like it.

I don’t like to drink when I am tired or emotional. BECAUSE alcohol is a depressant.

Take care of yourself.

I ensure if I drink I am not hungry, nor, tired, nor emotional, nor bored.

Heres another standard. I don’t drink around my children.

I ensure ‘The drink’ is not junk whether it is alcoholic or not.

Therefore no juice and soda pop for me.

Insert any amount of crap you can think of on the market here. YOU know the well known names.


Who doesn’t in their right mind like it?


I try and have a small amount at Christmas, that again is the best quality and I eat it as I sip a herbal tea or good quality coffee.

That’s my christmas desert.

Total deprivation is never a long term solution.

BE normal but be your best rocking version of yourself inside and outside.

Here are my rules around eating out and parties.

Many of these you would have read, but all behaviour change is in the ‘applying of the principles’, which is what my transformations DO.

*Never arrive at a party expecting you will eat the food offered. Never arrive hungry. (Unless you take the food yourself – MY monthly subscribers gained THE best meatballs to take to parties this week … oh yum)

*Eat before you arrive.

*Take your own sparkling water. Most social engagements in the western world have people binge drink. Not hydrate.

*Be the said designated driver.

*Wear your tigthest outfit you feel you rock. And be confident. Look good and feel good. You will need less drugs and alcohol to bolster this feeling then.

*Engage in engaging conversation with interesting and interested people.


*When at a meal/restaurant.

Eat The main meal plus one choice.

Entre OR

Desert shared OR

A glass of wine.

In summary the main meal PLUS ONE.

Eat slowly, mindfully and be the last to finish your plate.

Engage in interesting conversation.

The main meal should consist of a first class protein and some veggies. If you feel it won’t fill you, order a side of steamed greens NOT chips/potatoe etc.

*Further, Set an intention and get a good coach for 2015. Enough time wasting.

Any questions?

Want a strategy call with me ?

PM me today

Don’t wait until you feel wretched after Christmas and 4 kilos heavier than now like the masses.