From Sugar Overload to Fabulous – 6 weeks. One members journey

Your transformation is about what’s important to you.

501s ,

Better vitality,


Increased energy …

A lady that has shone this month explains her journey with us ?

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Morning Gawjess girl?..

Thought I would message you and Thankyou for being such an important part of my journey.

One of my 2016 goals was to lose 15 kilos and to FEEL better.. My body was spiraling out of control into a pre- diabetes stage from a fatty liver. I was drastically overweight, becoming peri menopausal, sweating constantly, puffing up like a bullfrog, panic attacks, headaches, fatigue, feeling yuck etc etc.. Not to mention Enduring a lifelong depression and a recent diagnosis of PTSD. I was truly in a holy mess?…. I knew what I had to do and fate served me a great hand when I came across your name on Facebook. I knew I had to do it.

My Word of the year is “NOW” so I threw myself into your program with a newfound determination…. Between the very manageable meal plans and exercise regimes and your ongoing support, It was relatively easy to achieve results. Now I didn’t have an expectation of losing 15 kilos in 6 weeks!! Like really?

But I have to say I was gobsmacked at how much better I was feeling and looking. With every week I became more positive bearing in mind that it is not necessarily what the scales say but what your body says. My skin looks better, I have more energy and a more positive mind. Now I have only lost a total of 5 kilos but as you can see from the photos, the results are astounding?..

To date I have lost a total of

6 cm off my bust??

18cm off my waist??

8cm off my hips??

I will always be grateful to you Linda ??.. I have learnt so much about health and wellbeing and that it is not all about loss of kilos. It’s about how your body feels and the horrendous effects of sugar overload?… I’ve even slowed my wine intake to one glass over the weekend. Its shock horror to all I know well, for that is an achievement in itself. Lol.

I am so looking forward to the next phase of my “sculpturing” journey and the benefits that will come with it. I am so determined to get back into my size 9 501’s and to feel even better than I do already.??.

Thanks again Linda Morrison ❤️.

You have named your challenge appropriately because it truly is a transformation in every sense of the word ❤️.

Kaz, 51

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