‘Boost’ your metabolism in 5 easy steps

How to ‘Boost’ your metabolism in 5 easy steps.

You will need to do these steps day after day to achieve full benefit of an amped up metabolic rate.

1. Sleep. You need to get great quality sleep. Every night between 7-9 hours sleep. Let your body know when it is day time too. One way is to eat lunch in the sun.

2. Are you magnesium deficient ?

Signs you may be magnesium deficient.

You have trouble sleeping, high blood pressure, muscle cramping and excessive soreness, overwhelm, stress, depression, trouble focusing, bad digestion or constipation.

Take a good quality magnesium supplement with your dinner and soak in an epsom salt bath daily to decrease the bodies inflammation.

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Once we improve sleep quality. YOU can do more in your day. Therefore burn more calories.

3. Exercise. Do good quality strength/resistance training. To build strong, toned muscle that needs calories to KEEP that healthy muscle on your frame.

Muscle is your immunity, posture, strength and your beautiful healthy look!

4. Eat enough protein. In your three meals per day. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

5. Get your sunshine everyday. Vitamin D stores can be low during winter. And correlations of being overweight and gaining weight and low vitamin D levels indicate this needs to be considered as part of the puzzle.

Eat lunch in the sun to remind the body it is day time. Get your vitamin D and it helps you sleep better.

Daily practice of the above 5 steps helps you get in charge of your metabolic rate. 

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