Body Blog

This is your BODY BLOG.

PM me if you want it regularly, OR if you have some topics you want me to cover.

I’m going to talk about boobs, bums, body, fashion, body fashion and YOUR relationship to YA’ body.

HOW you do your body, that is, how you look after it, is how you do everything.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Move it well. And in the total direction of the support that you need.

Support. That. Body. Of. Health.
Your body.

My body.

How do I get mine ?

IT is, I guarantee, probably not what you think.

I am going to be honest, and frank.

I have been a life and body coach for over 20 years and I have TRIED it all.

I have been fit, pregnant, over trained, under trained, over tired, bored with exercise schedules and routines, and meal prep, under nourished with bouts of EXTREME diets that were backed by science at the time. Diets that made some people trim, and others overeat…and others loose so much weight that adrenal fatigue ensued.

WHAT do I do now?

What have I learned about this journey and daily attention to self through worshipping this body.

I listen to my body.

I consistently listen to my body.

My body, that is not 20 anymore.

AND she responds IN KIND with this.

Check photo.

And finally. I love her back for it.

I don’t hate on her. Anymore.


Finally the booty I tried to burn off for years is in fashion!

Shake what ya Mumma gave ya.

I have confidence, and peace that what I do works … and works for 1000’s of my members.

MY members make a clear and positive start.

SURE ‘6 weeks’ – ’12 weeks’ – ‘Retreat days spent in transformation and contemplation and FUN energy will not reverse in that time span months, years of neglect but it is a red hot start. Commitment to self in the perfect direction with mentors who care.


I don’t calorie count.

I don’t count my workout minutes.

I don’t spend countless hours in the gym and in the kitchen.

Your quality workout can be done at home or gym in 30 minutes. If you are there to work.

The workout is over when YOU have trained. Not strained. Not talked.

It is over when you have DONE the work.

I eat when I’m hungry. I stop or don’t eat when I’m not hungry.

I sometimes fast. If my body tells me too.

I eat foods from nature.

I eat first class protein in adequate amounts. For my small frame.

I feed the muscle. To keep me young and well.

To keep me vital and enjoying this world

Stop making your body your slave.

Let that go.

And live.

Your body is not everything.

It sure is difficult to do anything when it pains you though.

Take care of your major asset.

Linda Morrison