Performance coaching - Getting better everyday

What the Formula One Grand Prix in Melbourne at the weekend taught me (or at least reiterated) in regards to COACHING THE COACHES>

SUCCESS LOVES SPEED - You cannot ride a bike too slow … YOU will fall. 
The same in Business, Body and life. Momentum generates success. 
“Get on and get on with it or get off” as my Father would say.

Be it, get better everyday at what you do and importantly who you are.

LIKE MEETS LIKE - Want to be better? Learn more? 
Of course you do it is a natural state of being - Be around people whom have done it before you and LEARN from them.


YOU NEED STRONG FAITH. This is not a religious statement, just a statement of fact. 
Have faith you will achieve when you do the correct work. Faith and backing yourself is a rare asset.

BE ATTRACTIVE AND BE VALUABLE. This does not mean looks, it means the way you operate and what you bring to the table to expand and produce more in peoples lives.

ENTERTAIN, ENLIGHTEN AND BE GOOD AT WHAT YOU DO (What ever you choose that to be)
‘Formula One success comes down to being stubborn at times’ Haas

SHOW UP WITH ENTHUSIASM (Whatever you choose to do) There are so few people whom show up day after day to actually give of value. 
As the popular statement goes “It costs nothing to go the extra mile”.

CLARITY - These Formula One athletes are driving at 350 Km per hour and can get around these courses in their MINDS - with a perfect picture of where they are going.

A clear picture of where YOU are going is vital FOR SUCCESS.

AND have a good time. People are too bogged down in negativity, rushing through a life they are not truly enjoying … CREATE a life you exactly want. 
The universe only shows up to help you create this when you are crystal clear.

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Over complicating weight loss equals zero result

Over complicating weight loss equals zero result

Over complicating weight loss equals zero results. 

Keeping things really simple when looking at your weight loss lifestyle choices is a sure way to generate progress.

In this video training I explain how we keep it simple on our programs. Please like and share the video if you feel it will help someone.

I feel bit vulnerable sharing this

I feel bit vulnerable sharing this

I feel a bit vulnerable posting this 

✅ Who the hell is Linda Morrison? 😉

I’m just an ordinary average gal. 

I was brought up working class.

Family of 4 plus one non social cat!

I helped my mum, a lot. She was sick a lot and could not walk, often. 

I was brought up to be a good girl and help people. And not much more was said. 

Dad told us we were strong and capable girls. 

I Recycled aluminum cans

I worked as a swim teacher from 13 onwards.

Today I spoke to a lady who is scared of dying.

Today I spoke to a lady who is scared of dying.

Today I spoke to a lady who is scared of dying.

From ill health. 

And she was teary about the prospect of leaving her young children behind.

It was not a melodramatic conversation, just a real one about the state of stress and inflammatory response her body is crying out with.

Mother to mother.

We spoke.

I actually know how this feels.

Body confidence – let’s go get it.

Body confidence – let’s go get it.

Body empowerment is not crying into your misery in the shower saying ‘I am enough’ when you don’t actually ‘feel’ it.

Body empowerment is not saying ‘I’ve given up’ and ‘ I need to learn to love myself ‘like this’, even though deep down you actually want to feel the vitality and the strength you had when you were younger. Or even just a year ago. Which is possible.

Body empowerment is stepping into all YOU can be, as YOU define it.

You say to me, I want ‘that’ vitality again? 

Raw chocolate avocado mousse

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

1 medium avocado (ripe)
1/2 cup dates
2 1/2 tablespoons raw cocoa powder
1/4 cup water + 1/8 cup water if needed
1 1/2 tablespoons honey
1/8 teaspoon sea salt
4 servings

Throw all ingredients in the omniblender start on low and gradually increase to high until fully blended – put in separate glasses and refrigerate.