Body confidence – let’s go get it.

Body empowerment is not crying into your misery in the shower saying ‘I am enough’ when you don’t actually ‘feel’ it.

Body empowerment is not saying ‘I’ve given up’ and ‘ I need to learn to love myself ‘like this’, even though deep down you actually want to feel the vitality and the strength you had when you were younger. Or even just a year ago. Which is possible.

Body empowerment is stepping into all YOU can be, as YOU define it.

You say to me, I want ‘that’ vitality again?

I want ‘That’ Health again ?

I want to feel proud of my body again.

Then Let’s go get it I say and don’t delay as at 40, 50, 60 years of age you time IS NOW.

So what are you waiting for? The feeling that staying stuck is giving you is simply familiar but not want you truly want.

How Is being flat, sick, out of shape serving you in some way ?

If you are truly not happy at your weight and in the way you feel and look in your clothes, when the doctor says you are developing an otherwise preventable health issue and your weight and lifestyle is the cause then let’s go and get you the ‘truly empowered strong and healthy body’ that ‘you’ want.

It’s possible – we transform ladies daily – see our most recent photos. Below.

If you are 5,10, 20, 30, 40 kg or more over weight and out of balance. And you want change. We transform you.

Your health is under stress, your joints are failing and you are depressed, and depressed about how you feel. And depressed about how you feel about how you look. Some people are even telling you this is not an empowered state.

Empowered is feeling amazing. Confident, in command of your body.

When you come to me like this and say Linda I’m not happy then we lead you into a Transformation of health so YOU

Not just survive, but thrive with confidence.

Body empowerment is when YOU are happy and healthy. Strong and truly empowered.

You are definitely more than your body and it truly is a vehicle to get you places and what you want in life so therefore look after you and be proud of it.

If you are not happy

I will say this, you cannot cheat health. You cannot cut calories so low you have no energy, you cannot take weight loss drugs to try and do it fast, surgery is not the answer and cannot expect to arrive at the ageless body our programs produce short cutting the truth or ignoring the feeling that you want more for yourself.

We help 1000’s of women and have spoken to over 4000 in 2 years about their health.

Step into all you can be and go get the lean ageless body of health you want.

We are body transformation specialists for women over 40 let’s go get you what you say you want. The healthy sustainable way.

Here’s my ladies we lead to changes from alcoholism, depression, over weight, obesity, sleeplessness, chronic anxiety, no confidence, joint issues, pre Diabetes, chronic inflammatory diseases, non alcohol related liver damage, relationship strains, no energy and generally no mojo or confidence.

They arrive at health, pride, vitality enough confidence to get a job, sleeping , anxiety under control, and the body they chose to thrive in.

If it is acceptable to ‘you’ to cry into your hands at the sight of yourself then that’s your choice.

I want more for you but that’s up to you.

If however this is not what you want then we step you into more health, strength and self respecting love of self you did not know possible. Strong ladies leading our children and those we care about to all they can be.

Children do not do as you say they do as you do.

For that reason alone you should step into be all you can be.

Part of the reason I want you to have this fully functioning body is so you don’t even think about your body – it allows you to be and do all you can and access all you can.

Like a playful child.

Not an old lady.

Linda Morrison

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This Ageless Body Transformation member cuts sugar loses weight and her vitality returns.

In HER words “because you are worth it”.

This is Kaz.

Healthy transformation to weight loss, increased energy and muscle tone is what we are all about with the Ageless Body Formula.

Women over 40 are thriving in our 6 Week Transformation programs and retreats.

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-Member cuts sugar and her vitality returns.

Raw chocolate avocado mousse

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Chocolate Avocado Mousse

1 medium avocado (ripe)
1/2 cup dates
2 1/2 tablespoons raw cocoa powder
1/4 cup water + 1/8 cup water if needed
1 1/2 tablespoons honey
1/8 teaspoon sea salt
4 servings

Throw all ingredients in the omniblender start on low and gradually increase to high until fully blended – put in separate glasses and refrigerate.

‘Boost’ your metabolism in 5 easy steps

How to ‘Boost’ your metabolism in 5 easy steps.

You will need to do these steps day after day to achieve full benefit of an amped up metabolic rate.

1. Sleep. You need to get great quality sleep. Every night between 7-9 hours sleep. Let your body know when it is day time too. One way is to eat lunch in the sun.

2. Are you magnesium deficient ?

Signs you may be magnesium deficient.

You have trouble sleeping, high blood pressure, muscle cramping and excessive soreness, overwhelm, stress, depression, trouble focusing, bad digestion or constipation.

Take a good quality magnesium supplement with your dinner and soak in an epsom salt bath daily to decrease the bodies inflammation.

Read More on magnesium here

Once we improve sleep quality. YOU can do more in your day. Therefore burn more calories.

3. Exercise. Do good quality strength/resistance training. To build strong, toned muscle that needs calories to KEEP that healthy muscle on your frame.

Muscle is your immunity, posture, strength and your beautiful healthy look!

4. Eat enough protein. In your three meals per day. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

5. Get your sunshine everyday. Vitamin D stores can be low during winter. And correlations of being overweight and gaining weight and low vitamin D levels indicate this needs to be considered as part of the puzzle.

Eat lunch in the sun to remind the body it is day time. Get your vitamin D and it helps you sleep better.

Daily practice of the above 5 steps helps you get in charge of your metabolic rate. 

Our Ageless Body Programs gets you the results you want. 

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From Sugar Overload to Fabulous – 6 weeks. One members journey

Your transformation is about what’s important to you.

501s ,

Better vitality,


Increased energy …

A lady that has shone this month explains her journey with us ?

May group gathering now – contact ASAP today.

Morning Gawjess girl?..

Thought I would message you and Thankyou for being such an important part of my journey.

One of my 2016 goals was to lose 15 kilos and to FEEL better.. My body was spiraling out of control into a pre- diabetes stage from a fatty liver. I was drastically overweight, becoming peri menopausal, sweating constantly, puffing up like a bullfrog, panic attacks, headaches, fatigue, feeling yuck etc etc.. Not to mention Enduring a lifelong depression and a recent diagnosis of PTSD. I was truly in a holy mess?…. I knew what I had to do and fate served me a great hand when I came across your name on Facebook. I knew I had to do it.

My Word of the year is “NOW” so I threw myself into your program with a newfound determination…. Between the very manageable meal plans and exercise regimes and your ongoing support, It was relatively easy to achieve results. Now I didn’t have an expectation of losing 15 kilos in 6 weeks!! Like really?

But I have to say I was gobsmacked at how much better I was feeling and looking. With every week I became more positive bearing in mind that it is not necessarily what the scales say but what your body says. My skin looks better, I have more energy and a more positive mind. Now I have only lost a total of 5 kilos but as you can see from the photos, the results are astounding?..

To date I have lost a total of

6 cm off my bust??

18cm off my waist??

8cm off my hips??

I will always be grateful to you Linda ??.. I have learnt so much about health and wellbeing and that it is not all about loss of kilos. It’s about how your body feels and the horrendous effects of sugar overload?… I’ve even slowed my wine intake to one glass over the weekend. Its shock horror to all I know well, for that is an achievement in itself. Lol.

I am so looking forward to the next phase of my “sculpturing” journey and the benefits that will come with it. I am so determined to get back into my size 9 501’s and to feel even better than I do already.??.

Thanks again Linda Morrison ❤️.

You have named your challenge appropriately because it truly is a transformation in every sense of the word ❤️.

Kaz, 51

Lose weight, tone up , get energy, Ageless Body Formula   

Lose weight, tone up , get energy, Ageless Body Formula 


What’s the fuss with magnesium?

So we know that our soils are depleted of magnesium and selenium, so what can we do about it ? When we are trying to get in good quality nutrients each day.

Even if we are eating all organic the quantities that we need are still not there.

Couple this with our fast paced lives, stress and our inclination not to sleep enough, Magnesium, it seems may be needed as a supplement (ONLY practitioner grade of course.)

Most of the people I work with are sick, over fat and tired. Often stressed and cannot sleep and have severe or mild depression and anxiety.

WHAT has magnesium got to do with them?

Well listen in.

Lack of magnesium has been shown to alter electrical activity in the brain.

Causing agitated sleep, frequent waking up, muscle cramps, excessive soreness, stress, excessive cortisol in body (Magnesium has a role in producing serotonin. Serotonin production needs magnesium present – And serotonin increases our feelings of well being.

Pre diabetes, high blood pressure, trouble focusing, bad digestion and constipation.

Increasing magnesium is the best way to improve sleep, sleeping adequately helps, well EVERYTHING !

We know when we sleep it resets hormones adequately – calms stress which in turn has a positive effect on fat loss.

Make your body work for you … don’t you be a slave to your body.

Give your body what it needs to take you where you want to go.

These signs and symptoms may mean you need magnesium.

Trouble sleeping, high blood pressure, muscle cramping and excessive soreness, overwhelm, stress, depression, trouble focusing, bad digestion or constipation.

So if this is you, consider magnesium taken with your evening meal.

(Practitioner grade only)

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Linda Morrison