One to One Ageless VIP coaching

Body and health Transformations for women over 40

Achieve self mastery with a Personal VIP one to one coach with The Ageless Body Formula.

Only a limited number of high level coaching places are available for this exclusive experience.
Linda works only with a small number of people, apply here for a strategy call.


Transform your body and life with one to one coaching with our Ageless Body coaches. If the group coaching of our 6 week transformation and getting away on retreats is not going to happen but you want to fast forward your healthy results now, then the one to one coaching is for you,

If you have arrived on this page you may have read one of my books or completed an online course of mine . But you are looking for perhaps a bigger deeper level of training to take yourself to your next level.

Each day we have many asking for help, if these questions resonate with you let us take you forward.

I have days where theres no time for me
I know what to do I just never get to it.
I am somewhat confused about what is realistic to achieve in my body and energy at this age
I simply need a coach to ‘do’ the specific planning around this part of my life.

Are you ready to change your habits and mindset to achieve the results in your body and life you want ?

Apply here for your strategy call with our coach to get you clear in what you want to achieve.



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