What’s the fuss with magnesium?

What’s the fuss with magnesium?

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So we know that our soils are depleted of magnesium and selenium, so what can we do about it ? When we are trying to get in good quality nutrients each day.

Even if we are eating all organic the quantities that we need are still not there.

Couple this with our fast paced lives, stress and our inclination not to sleep enough, Magnesium, it seems may be needed as a supplement (ONLY practitioner grade of course.)

Most of the people I work with are sick, over fat and tired. Often stressed and cannot sleep and have severe or mild depression and anxiety.

WHAT has magnesium got to do with them?

Well listen in.

Lack of magnesium has been shown to alter electrical activity in the brain.

Causing agitated sleep, frequent waking up, muscle cramps, excessive soreness, stress, excessive cortisol in body (Magnesium has a role in producing serotonin. Serotonin production needs magnesium present – And serotonin increases our feelings of wellbeing.

Pre diabetes, high blood pressure, trouble focusing, bad digestion and constipation.

Increasing magnesium is the best way to improve sleep, sleeping adequately helps, well EVERYTHING !

We know when we sleep it resets learn more »

Body Blog


This is your BODY BLOG.

PM me if you want it regularly, OR if you have some topics you want me to cover.

I’m going to talk about boobs, bums, body, fashion, body fashion and YOUR relationship to YA’ body.

HOW you do your body, that is, how you look after it, is how you do everything.

How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Move it well. And in the total direction of the support that you need.

Support. That. Body. Of. Health.
Your body.

My body.

How do I get mine ?

IT is, I guarantee, probably not what you think.

I am going to be honest, and frank.

I have been a life and body coach for over 20 years and I have TRIED it all.

I have been fit, pregnant, over trained, under trained, over tired, bored with exercise schedules and routines, and meal prep, under nourished with bouts of EXTREME diets that were backed by science at the time. Diets that made some people trim, and others overeat…and others loose so much weight that adrenal fatigue ensued.

WHAT do I do now?

What have I learned about this journey and daily learn more »

Own Your Willpower


Own your willpower

Positive attitude is a muscle that needs working every. Single. Day.

Here’s 4 ways to bolster your willpower, and bolster YOU in the right direction for a powerful, enjoyable life.

1. Have supporters to ‘your’ good cause. To you.

2. Get a schedule that you love for your day. And stick to it. Successful people have a morning routine that rocks – ‘a not negotiable morning routine’ that keeps you to your high standards.

3. Stop multitasking – you can actually only do one thing well at a time. Fact.

4. Positive self talk is a practice. It is a daily commitment to your better self.
It takes work to BE up beat and positive – daily practice, then keep going.

You have to set the above 4 things up clearly for yourself as you will precisely move in the direction you are facing. Everytime.

Inner work – then outer behaviour.

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Paleo on a budget with Linda

About page_imageHow to save money when eating the paleo way.

Once a week (at least) I have clients say that eating like I do is ‘too expensive.’

I explain in this article how to avoid excess money going on your, GREAT food.

Eggs and Veggies cost very little. Buy them as close to best quality organic as possible.

Eat veggies (and fruit) in season and from farmers markets, markets that have great reputation and prices.

Buy meats in bulk and not always THE best cuts but grass fed where possible.
Slow cook these to perfection. OR freeze immediately in single portions.

Find fresh items on the “sell buy date”.
Much cheaper and still great.

Eating out is so expensive here is a guide with spending only $20 a day eating out. (WHICH we all know is cheap!)

• $20/meal
• 30 meals/month
• $600/month – If there are two of you, all of a sudden that’s $1,200/month.
• If you cook all foods from scratch it is hard to spend more than $300 a month.
• One to two cook ups per week has me enough to get through the week. Dinners become tomorrows lunch or dinner. Freeze or refrigerate portions for learn more »

The 5 Big Mistakes Women Make When They Try To Lose Weight.

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1/ Women don’t “really” strength train.

They either don’t do any strength training or they don’t work hard enough.

Often they fear getting big!

Large muscles in your body is very unlikely to happen. Usually due to hormones and protein.

2/ They Don’t eat enough protein.

Protein helps immunity, aids satiety, is yummy, helps repair and build muscle which in turn keeps you lean for life.

3/ They don’t get enough sleep and good quality rest.

8-9 hours is still promoted as optimal.

The darkest room possible … black out blinds are very important.

Try and get the same sleep and wake up times.

4/ Women train too hard or /and do too much cardio.

Or don’t move enough.

Sprint training is very important.

Long duration, moderate pace cardio is not that great.

5/ They stress too much.

Find ways that keep your stress low.

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Your Body

Your body.

It is your first and most important business.
Yesterday, I said I would speak more about WHY you need to invest money into your body,(and NOT your handbag).

I was recently doing my filing and it occurred to me I have a relatively extensive section of receipts (not wild, crazy but it was a big enough pile!) under the section.

Do you have a section on body?
I suppose I always have. As I don’t have a section for medical.
I rarely go to the doctor and I don’t need to medicate.
SO MY files says BODY.

What receipts/expenses are in my body section?
Fancy clothes or lingerie
I know right? My filing does not make sense to many.
Often myself.
this one on BODY.
Is well, everything.
Nothing happens if my body does not function well.
BUT further to this.
“Anything that makes me feel loving, beautiful and confident. Positive in and around my body is important, if not fundamental to me”
My work is no doubt my body but an argument can be put forward as to who’s ‘work’ is not?
People respond to you, the learn more »

YOU are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

YOU are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.IMG_0042

So this little statement from a motivational speaker is doing the rounds again and it has in the past made me feel interested, and uneasy at the same time. Mostly because I have spent the majority of the past 14 years as a mother in the home. I also work from home and have contact across phone, skype and internet to clients.

“YOU are the sum of The 5 people you spend the most time with.
You are the average of how happy, well and successful these 5 people, including yourself, are.
HOW these people are influences your health and success.”

I have observed others and myself on this topic a lot recently.
Apparently as a mother I am an average of this team I will now introduce to you: hold on to your hats! There’s my 12 year son, my 14 year old daughter, my mother and my grandmother who is 91! And my best, dearest and oldest friend from the age of three. We went to the same kinder, primary and secondary schools every day together and have remained connected and a huge part learn more »

Why ‘weigh ins’ are a one dimensional and limited method to checking your weightloss and health progress.

fiji 2010 112I watch dieters and those trying to shift the needle on the scales weigh themselves way to often and have their entire mood effected by the number that shows up everyday.

How much does 500 mls of water weigh?
.5 kg or 500 grams.
Can you drink that much water? I can. And I do in one go.
Will it show up on the scales? Yes
Try it.  Therefore it can look as if you have gained half a kilo on the scales alone.

Also try this.
Weigh yourself, go to the toilet then weight yourself again.

Weigh yourself, do a workout and then weigh yourself again.
Note difference. IT’S fluid, yes?

Take a bath.
This also affects weight. Inflammation.
Heat, hydration and again fluid.

Inflammation from a hard workout.

Inflammation from too much salt and sugar in your diet.
A kilo of muscle, does not weigh more than a kilo of fat.
They both weigh a kilo.
Muscle is dense. It is water, blood and fibrous tissue dense.
It is dense, but does not take up much space.
It is also metabolically active tissue.
Fat takes up space.

What else effects weight on the scales?
After working with women learn more »