YOU are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

YOU are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with.IMG_0042

So this little statement from a motivational speaker is doing the rounds again and it has in the past made me feel interested, and uneasy at the same time. Mostly because I have spent the majority of the past 14 years as a mother in the home. I also work from home and have contact across phone, skype and internet to clients.

“YOU are the sum of The 5 people you spend the most time with.
You are the average of how happy, well and successful these 5 people, including yourself, are.
HOW these people are influences your health and success.”

I have observed others and myself on this topic a lot recently.
Apparently as a mother I am an average of this team I will now introduce to you: hold on to your hats! There’s my 12 year son, my 14 year old daughter, my mother and my grandmother who is 91! And my best, dearest and oldest friend from the age of three. We went to the same kinder, primary and secondary schools every day together and have remained connected and a huge part learn more »

Why ‘weigh ins’ are a one dimensional and limited method to checking your weightloss and health progress.

fiji 2010 112I watch dieters and those trying to shift the needle on the scales weigh themselves way to often and have their entire mood effected by the number that shows up everyday.

How much does 500 mls of water weigh?
.5 kg or 500 grams.
Can you drink that much water? I can. And I do in one go.
Will it show up on the scales? Yes
Try it.  Therefore it can look as if you have gained half a kilo on the scales alone.

Also try this.
Weigh yourself, go to the toilet then weight yourself again.

Weigh yourself, do a workout and then weigh yourself again.
Note difference. IT’S fluid, yes?

Take a bath.
This also affects weight. Inflammation.
Heat, hydration and again fluid.

Inflammation from a hard workout.

Inflammation from too much salt and sugar in your diet.
A kilo of muscle, does not weigh more than a kilo of fat.
They both weigh a kilo.
Muscle is dense. It is water, blood and fibrous tissue dense.
It is dense, but does not take up much space.
It is also metabolically active tissue.
Fat takes up space.

What else effects weight on the scales?
After working with women learn more »



PEOPLE are starting to get that madness on.
Can you feel it?
I can.
EVERY year, it happens, as a coach, I watch people struggle with their health, fitness and ideal body weight. And their relationship to it.
I also watch them stress and say I’M SO BUSY, alot.

They are thinking about and ‘Doing, Christmas’.
End of year parties, assessing what they have achieved over the last 12 months (OR not), seeing family and friends that they perhaps do not enjoy, and spending manic time shopping for said family and friends. Buying gifts they cannot afford, for people they see once a year and having a bombardment of media pressure and advertising to tie off the year in a bow as neat as Country Roads wrapping.

Sometimes it’s just all too much.

Most people arrive at Christmas tired, strung out and on average, 4 kilos heavier (I KID YOU NOT) than the year before.
I personally want to avoid this every year. Pretty quickly I would be a christmas blimp.

I am here to help.

My Live Love Exercise, 6 week, 6 month and 12 month Transformation Challenges and programs are designed for busy people and can be done learn more »

How do I get rid of the belly bloat?

Do you find your belly is sticking out and causing real issues because it makes you uncomfortable and you can’t fit into your pants?
Are you irritable in the belly everyday? 
Do you suffer from the muffin top or mushroom top?

This episode of Live Love Exercise TV gives you actual solutions you can do now to help stop the belly bloat. And enhance your overall wellbeing and figure.

Please watch, like and share.

3 things to do today to get great sleep

Do you drag yourself out of bed in the morning?
Do you wonder why you have no energy to do your exercise regime?
Do you say things like, “I just need some motivation?”
And then sit there and wait for it to arrive.

In this episode of Live Love Exercise TV Linda explains why EVERYTHING launches off good sleep and what 3 things to do now to help you get it.

The Live Love Exercise way is 8 hours of sleep every night.
Please watch, like and share to help your friends sleep tight.

Keep those sugar cravings away with this simple fat burning snack

Do you get crazy sugar or coffee cravings in the afternoon that can knock your whole program off course?
Do you find yourself reaching for processed foods or heading to the office vending machine?

It can be confusing to know what you can snack on that’s quick, healthy AND satisfying.

Why not keep your sugar cravings away with an avocado – it’s a snack to die for!

Try this easy snack from nature to calm your cravings and help you stay on the healthy straight and narrow.

Click the link below and let me show you how:

How to make a 5 minute fat burning breakfast

Do you rush out the door having not had breakfast? Then you can’t think straight by mid morning?

Do you have sugar cravings by mid afternoon? Not to mention mood swings and weight fluctuation…

Simply put, a good quality breakfast is VITAL for good health. I prove here that you can do it in 5 minutes. The prep is a single fry pan,
some freshly chopped greens, 2 -3 eggs and some coconut oil, organic butter or a touch of olive oil.

Sure you don’t have 5 minutes in the morning to make yourself a fat burning breakfast to ensure a day with great energy and an amazing attitude?

I’ll show you how easy it is.

5 things to ‘give up’ this October to return to health.

Are you overflowing? Busy? Strung OUT ? Have monkey mind?
You know you should be doing things for your health but you are not.

In this episode of Live Love Exercise TV I show you how to Take things ‘away’ for the month of October to enhance your health.
You don’t need add more to be healthy.
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Are you struggling busy to make all happen everyday?

The frustration that you are not getting to your health and fitness goals is hanging over you?

Looming everyday, bringing you down as you absolutely know you deserve and can be better.

In this episode of Live Love Exercise TV Linda explains the 5 things TO give up this october to bring you to better you.

Sometimes it is juts easier to give up something to get to your goals than to ADD more.

Less, is, often more.
Stress is the last thing I want to add for you. It stops fat loss dead in its tracks and no one wants to look, and feel strung out.

We are moving you away from sabotaging behaviours.
Changing this behaviour will help you creat the most amazing foundation to help learn more »

How to stop drinking wine everyday

Feeling stressed, tired and strung out?

Are you using wine as a way to calm too often? (insert chocolate, burgers etc!)

Have you got so much on your mind and in your life that wine has become your best friend.

It has become a way for you to defrag, destress and contrast the busy events of the day.

We all have crutches we go to when feeling tired, stressed and strung out we just need to remember to pull towards calming, postively serving options.
Alcohol causes us to have mood disturbances, it is a depressive drug full of sugar that can let our guard down and even more bad choices can cycle on.
It negatively effects our sleep and prevents us from burning fat for 3 days after we drink, even a small amount.

It can also sabotage all of our good efforts to be more in a positive direction.
When so many other people drink around you is it really ok to decline and pursue another activity? Yes. make that activity social and positive and will the uplifting in all areas that it gives you.
We are moving you away from sabotaging behaviours.
Changing this behaviour will help learn more »

It’s life threatening you know.

On the eve of my sons 5th birthday, I went to emergency with severe swelling of the tongue and mouth. I was tired but I cannot recall any other indications I had any health issue. I was a healthy 35 year infact I was really fit.

The kids were all tucked up into bed and my husband stayed home with them while I walked myself into an ambulance at the front door of our house. The medic was asking, “Are you my patient?’” You see I looked perfectly ok until I opened my mouth and a tongue the size of a lacrosse ball appeared – boom, wow, sit down, oxygen came out and all emergency systems for ‘life’ were attached to me and off to emergency we went.
I was not really talking well, and I was drooling and it wasn’t because the most handsome man in all of Melbourne was ‘saving’ me, my medic. Cringe, how embarrassing. I just had severe and rapid swelling of the tongue, mouth, and neck – anaphylaxis. I don’t know what made me sick.

I love being a Mumma and I really spent a lot of time, energy and effort being a good one. learn more »