It’s life threatening you know.

On the eve of my sons 5th birthday, I went to emergency with severe swelling of the tongue and mouth. I was tired but I cannot recall any other indications I had any health issue. I was a healthy 35 year infact I was really fit.

The kids were all tucked up into bed and my husband stayed home with them while I walked myself into an ambulance at the front door of our house. The medic was asking, “Are you my patient?’” You see I looked perfectly ok until I opened my mouth and a tongue the size of a lacrosse ball appeared – boom, wow, sit down, oxygen came out and all emergency systems for ‘life’ were attached to me and off to emergency we went.
I was not really talking well, and I was drooling and it wasn’t because the most handsome man in all of Melbourne was ‘saving’ me, my medic. Cringe, how embarrassing. I just had severe and rapid swelling of the tongue, mouth, and neck – anaphylaxis. I don’t know what made me sick.

I love being a Mumma and I really spent a lot of time, energy and effort being a good one. But I was strung out, in hindsight, but gee I was fit and looked pretty good.
My focus was my children, husband, our business and family then my work and I worked hard at them.

When clients and potential clients see me they may think that I can be fit as I have spent a lifetime around gyms and gym goers. “It’s alright for her, she has it all at her fingertips, how would she ever understand my struggles”
I have had my own struggles. Like most people.
I have had life threatening allergies and spent years not knowing exactly what was making me so so sick. I struggled to recover after my first babies birth physically and emotionally. I have had severe bouts of sleeplessness and anxiety postnatally and post separation.
I have also struggled to understand how someone so fit and looking great can be so hyper allergic to stuff e.g. nuts, gluten, wheat, fructose…One day these foods were ok the next day they made me severely ill. So with great great attention on my training, eating and my rest and thoughts – yes sleep is gold. I have become not only well again but I rarely get sick and have energy (most days ) to run marathons!
So you never know what someones journey is. This is why I understand my clients well. I connect with them and steer them to energy and a body that makes them beam.

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Why I do all of this.

So why do I do all of this?
My book launch is this Friday. I have written, poured out info, data I have collected since I was a teenager when I first started coaching and training and leading people to better lives, lifestyles and confidence.
Not one day has gone by, where I have not, in some way tried to enhance my own journey and experience and that of others in LIFE.
I don’t get this health living thing right everyday you know. I have suffered sleeplessness, depression, severe allergies, chronic fatigue, chronic baby time tiredness, relationship separation at times in my journey and every time the only way through has been to TRY to take in good food, good sleep, good PEOPLE (really important) and a meaningful most wonderous job. Training, coaching and helping others. But I can hands down guarantee moving through all these above said human experiences have been made easier with great fitness, and health. When I have not really known what to do with myself I’ll take myself for a workout. Feeling good about the workout makes you feel good about your self, then if you look good, you feel good and around it goes babe. I think sometimes it needs to be that simple.
My manifesto for everyone is to be their best selves. Happy, confident, productive, thriving. If they look good in their jeans or bikini as they perceive it- well that is great to – an absolute bonus ! If it is important to them. I like to move people to ‘more’ of them, it makes me feel amazing and lets face it we are all in this together.
Live. love and exercise
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