Why I do all of this.

So why do I do all of this?
My book launch is this Friday. I have written, poured out info, data I have collected since I was a teenager when I first started coaching and training and leading people to better lives, lifestyles and confidence.
Not one day has gone by, where I have not, in some way tried to enhance my own journey and experience and that of others in LIFE.
I don’t get this health living thing right everyday you know. I have suffered sleeplessness, depression, severe allergies, chronic fatigue, chronic baby time tiredness, relationship separation at times in my journey and every time the only way through has been to TRY to take in good food, good sleep, good PEOPLE (really important) and a meaningful most wonderous job. Training, coaching and helping others. But I can hands down guarantee moving through all these above said human experiences have been made easier with great fitness, and health. When I have not really known what to do with myself I’ll take myself for a workout. Feeling good about the workout makes you feel good about your self, then if you look good, you feel good and around it goes babe. I think sometimes it needs to be that simple.
My manifesto for everyone is to be their best selves. Happy, confident, productive, thriving. If they look good in their jeans or bikini as they perceive it- well that is great to – an absolute bonus ! If it is important to them. I like to move people to ‘more’ of them, it makes me feel amazing and lets face it we are all in this together.
Live. love and exercise
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